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FLY Program
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  • 6 Modules (Plus twice monthly live coaching & mentoring) to quickly move into...
  • More Joy, Passion, and Clarity
  • Greater Confidence, Purpose and Satisfaction 
  • Develop and Perfect Your Leadership Skills and Mindset
  • Quickly and Easily Clear Clutter, and Increase Your Emotional Intellgence
  • Discover and Embrace Your Strengths
  • Elevate and Convey Clear Presence 
  • Master Confident Decision Making
  • Private Support Group
  • and much more...

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"‘As a result of your coaching Stacey, I wish to thank you for enabling me to step up into a strategic change leadership role. Your First Lead Yourself program was key in preparing me for this. Your pragmatic approach made it easy for me to take action, focus on what I do best, and take responsibility for how I show up each day. I am a better leader today because of the FLY program and continued coaching I receive"

- Samantha Sutton Senr Change Manager, CommInsure

"I’m loving this work. It gives me that lift in energy you talk about in the Strengths based module. In the last 6 weeks I’ve noticed my confidence improve, my communication style is more assertive (because I’m calmer and clearer within myself), I feel I have something to offer the business (greater sense of self… from eliciting feedback), I’m more efficient, greater access to effective decision making skills, the list could go on. Thank you so much for the offering the programme, First Lead Yourself. It has been a subtle and yet very effective leadership coaching program."

- Lucy McIntyre HR Business Partner, Westrac

"Prior to this program, I was having difficulty fitting everything in my day, especially my family. My day was filled with emails and making decisions which repeatedly prioritised little jobs and tasks over the big tasks that matter AND my family. This was both frustrating and draining – I felt like the things that matter were never getting done. The first module was the boost I needed to organise myself. The simple strategy that I choose when I deal with my emails and effectively organising my calendar with priorities and key tasks have refocused my energies on tasks that energise me (my strengths) and help me finish those big projects on time. It has also handed me control of my work/life balance. I now leave work feeling energised because I have completed key outcomes rather than drained because I still need to go home and complete that project. Leading myself first has also given me more time to work with and develop others, one of the aspects of my job that I most enjoy."

- Tania Schmidt Head of Curriculum, Harristown State School, Qld Education

There is no better, clear cut, simple strategy to changing yourself for the better than Stacey’s First Lead Yourself program. Reading books to inspire yourself is important but actually doing what you need to do to to make change, that’s paramount. Not only have I become a more effective coworker, I have also become a better husband and father. I am able to control how much presence I have instead of hoping I’m more present. I am more organized and less reactive than I have ever been. I am grateful to Stacey for teaching me how to change my life for the better. Thanks to Stacey’s program, I found my confidence and the wherewithal to plan my career transition and be ruthlessly disciplined to go after it. I secured a job that most people thought I was crazy to go for and I’m excited to continue using the tools she has given me to continue the career path I have set for myself.’

- Noe Cisnero Scrum Master

"I have to say by been part of your Case Study First Lead yourself I have learnt to manage my work life balance well. I know I missed two webinars but having access to the webinars has been great as I go over some to refresh my memory on some of the techniques we have covered to date specially when I had a busy day at work .  

Managing my breathing has been very valuable to me to keep me calm and also gives me time to think things through before I respond to issues at hand and also thinking of wins I have achieved in the past couple of weeks when I have a not so productive day at work.  

…. So thank you for letting me join the program Stacey.."

- Devika Fernando Resources Manager, University of Melbourne

"I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey in a series of personal coaching opportunities and at an organisational level in which Stacey was engaged to deliver a personalised coaching course for a number of school leaders, pedagogical leaders and classroom teachers. Stacey’s extensive knowledge, practicality and willingness to deliver to meet the varied needs of her clients was outstanding. At a personal level, Stacey’s highly skilled coaching ability enabled me to take my leadership to a new level. Her ability to stretch and support my leadership ensured I achieved outstanding outcomes for all members of my school community. I love working with Stacey and have ensured all members of my executive leadership team now have ‘Coaching with Stacey’ at least every 30 days."

- Ben Kidd - Principal Rangeville State School Department of Education & Training (QLD)

"Stacey’s online coaching course offers quality and insightful information delivered in a highly convenient way. Feedback and answers to questions are delivered promptly. I have no hesitation recommending this valuable course to those who want to enhance their coaching skills in a convenient and supportive environment."

- Tania Schaller, Master Teacher Department of Education & Training (QLD)

"I worked with Stacey Ashley on a Leadership Coaching Program which she delivered for our team of 40 Senior, Specialist and Frontline Managers and Supervisors. Stacey was a consummate professional in her presentation, facilitation of keen discussion and offering assistance for our organisational challenges. Stacey was always perfectly prepared and enthusiastic over the 9 sessions (run over a 6 month period) with us, which was sustained throughout. Stacey and I have maintained a strong working relationship since completing the program in late 2013, with Stacey always being available to provide her advice and coaching wisdom. I strongly recommend Stacey to any other business that is looking to implement a coaching leadership culture."

- Paula La Rocca - Human Resources Manager Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club

"Stacey Ashley is a credentialed, professional coach who knows the coaching field well. Having been on a course with Stacey as facilitator I felt confident from the outset that she was highly competent and an expert in her field. I was impressed with her delivery of the theory and varied practical examples of coaching and appreciated how much experience counts in the coaching field. She has it in spades. Not only is she a qualified coach as she is, Stacey is often researching and either undergoing or providing training in new and interesting methods and experiential programs to be able to bring forward new and exciting ways to engage with her coachees. All in all if you’re looking for coaching in a large organisational environment with someone who knows coaching and the corporate life then Ashley Coaching is your provider."

- Stephanie Croft Croft Consulting

"Stacey’s online coaching course offers quality and insightful information delivered in a highly convenient way. Feedback and answers to questions are delivered promptly. I have no hesitation recommending this valuable course to those who want to enhance their coaching skills in a convenient and supportive environment."

- Tania Schaller, Master Teacher Department of Education & Training QLD

"Stacey’s energy, passion & enthusiasm is infectious. She has so much knowledge to share & keeps it real."

- Kathryn Millar, Human Resources Business Partner Covermore Insurance

"Stacey has a great approach to workplace and business coaching and imparts her expertise openly and willingly. Being part of the program was an amazing experience for me. Stacey allows others to freely build their own competency, confidence and ability through excellent guidance and coaching. I highly recommend Stacey as a facilitator and as a coach."

- Gus Meyer-Jones Learning Manager, Leadership and Soft Skills at Cummins Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of studying, working with and being mentored by Stacey in my roles at the Supercheap Auto Group and in my own business. Stacey is a professional of the highest calibre. She is a brilliant coach who empowers others to become what they want to be. Her professionalism and strategic ability has meant that I have learnt so much from her experience and skills as coach and facilitator. Stacey opens doors for people and is passionate about connecting them to achieve amazing results. Stacey is up there as one of the people in my life who I am soooo glad I have met."

- Jane Anderson Jane Anderson International